Future Generali Schengen Silver
Future Generali Schengen Silver


FG Schengen Silver Emergency Benefits

1 Emergency Benefits
1.1 Personal Accident
FG Student Plat..
US $ 3878
Rank: 22 (Overall)
HDFC Ergo Bronze Emergency Benefits
1.2 Personal Accident Exclusions

These are some of the Personal Accident Cover Exclusions:

  • Accidents due to mental disorders
  • Damage to health
  • Claim arising out of specific accidents

1.3 Personal Liability
TATA AIG Studen..
US $ 54628
Rank: 11 (Overall)
Bajaj Allianz Family Companion Emergency Benefits
1.4 Personal Liability Exclusions

  • Claim of the insured towards his/her family & travelling companions, etc.
  • Occupation of land other than the occupation only of any temporary residence.
  • Any malicious act.
  • Insanity, use of any alcohol/drugs.

1.5 Emergency Cover
1.5.1 Emergency Cash Advance
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
FG Single Trip Standard Emergency Benefits
1.5.2 Emergency Medical Evacuation
Included in Medical Expenses
1.5.3 Emergency Hotel Extension
Not Available
1.5.4 Hijack Distress Allowance
US $ 55 - 388
1.5.5 Hijack Distress Allowance Exlusions

  • Claim where the insured is considered as the principal or accessory in the hijacking.
  • Claim as a consequence of change in the direction of the route due to traffic, weather, fuel shortage or security reasons.

FG Schengen Silver Emergency Cover

Unfortunate events can occur anytime, that's the way of life, sigh. But you could always be prepared. Such events often come with an avalanche of financial need! But that's what the Emergency Benefits are for, to financially back you in times of an emergency. Future Generali Schengen Silver highlights the important specs of FG Schengen Silver Emergency Benefits Emergency Benefits. Emergency Cover is the part of the travel insurance policy which reimburses the amount in case of an emergency. It covers Emergency Cash Advance, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Emergency Hotel Extension, Personal accident, Hijack distress allowance, etc. FG Schengen Silver Emergency Benefits has following amount of coverage; Emergency Medical Evacuation is Included in Medical Expenses, US $ 55 - 388 for Hijack distress allowance and Emergency Hotel Extension coverage for FG Schengen Silver is not available. Emergency cover comes quite handy sometimes; it is a really good thing if your travel insurance policy is covering it. You can compare FG Schengen Silver Emergency Cover with the Emergency Cover of other policies if it is your first priority and choose the policy which you feel is optimum for you.

Know more about FG Schengen Silver Emergency Benefits

Know more about FG Schengen Silver Emergency Benefits here so that you choose the optimum policy which fits in your budget. All about Future Generali Schengen Silver will provide you with in-depth information about this product. Read the policy wordings carefully to avoid being tricked by loopholes. Personal liability coverage for this plan is US $ 54628. It is better to go for a policy with a higher emergency coverage since it is vital and will cover you in times of emergency.

FG Schengen Silver Emergency Cash Advance

FG Schengen Silver Emergency Cash Advance is an assistance service wherein the company facilitates providing emergency cash to the insured during incidents such as theft/burglary of luggage/money or hold ups by co-coordinating with the insured person's relatives in India to provide emergency cash assistance to the insured person as per his requirement, up to the limit specified in the policy schedule. For FG Schengen Silver, amount covered for emergency cash advance is Not Available. FG Schengen Silver Other Expenses is covered in the next section.

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