Bajaj Allianz Platinum
Bajaj Allianz Platinum


Bajaj Allianz Platinum Details

1 Details
1.1 Company Name
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
1.2 Product Name
Bajaj Allianz Individual Travel Prime Platinum Plan
1.3 Eligibility
6 months - 60 Years
1.4 Policy Details
1.4.1 Type of Plan
Single Trip Travel Insurance
1.4.2 Type of Cover
Travel Prime
1.5 Geographical Coverage
1.6 Policy Status
1.7 Deductible Amount
US $ 100
1.8 Early Return Refund If No Claim
52% Single Trip Travel Insurance Travel Insurance have it !
1.9 Automatic Extension Upto 7 Days
73% Single Trip Travel Insurance Travel Insurance have it !
1.10 Medical Examination
No Single Trip Travel Insurance Travel Insurance has it !
1.11 Max Policy Duration After Extension
Maximum upto 360 days
1.12 Other Plans

Know About Bajaj Allianz Platinum

Travel insurance is an insurance instrument that covers flight accident, medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation and other losses incurred while traveling. In this section, get to know the basic details of this travel insurance policy. Deductible amount is an important element of a travel insurance policy. A deductible (also known as "excess") is a way for the insurance company to reduce claims and reduce your premium. If your plan has a $100 deductible, you pay the first $100 of expenses "out of pocket" and then the insurance company pays expenses above and beyond the deductible. The maximum Deductible for Bajaj Allianz Platinum is US $ 100. This policy falls under ‘Travel Prime’, type of cover. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance provides multiple categories of policies such as single trip, multi trip, student, senior citizen, etc travel insurance policies. The eligibility criteria for Bajaj Allianz Platinum is individuals, 6 months - 60 years of age. Also, know about Bajaj Allianz Platinum details and its geographical coverage, below. For an in depth information, check All about Bajaj Allianz Platinum.

Bajaj Allianz Platinum Policy Details

One should always know what they're buying. Being familiar with which policy you're buying is very important. Know about Bajaj Allianz Platinum Policy Details in this section. This plan falls under Single Trip Travel Insurance. Travelling abroad to a foreign land involves a lot of risk. Also, medical expenses in foreign currency and hospitalization can be expensive hence opting for travel insurance cover is a valid option. We at travel.indiainsured.com, provide a systematic platform to compare two travel insurance policies side by side so that your decision making procedure becomes quite easy. Bajaj Allianz Platinum Details are provided just to get a gist of the plan. Bajaj Allianz Platinum Medical Benefits are provided in the next section.

Bajaj Allianz Platinum Geographical Coverage

Bajaj Allianz Platinum Geographical Coverage will tell you in which parts of the globe will this policy cover you. Geographical Coverage includes the countries in which the coverage under the policy is specified. Some policies are covered worldwide, while some are covered in specific regions like only in Asia or Schengen Countries. Depending on your travel destination, you can select your coverage. Bajaj Allianz Platinum will cover you on your trip to almost all the countries in the world.

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