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Travel Insurance In India »More

Looking for travel insurance policies in India? Provided here is a plethora of travel insurance policies by insurers in India, for people travelling overseas. Travel insurance in India is regulated by IRDA. Go ahead and explore policies to find the one that best suits you.

Student Travel Insurance Comparison »More

Student travel insurance plan covers various shortcomings that a student can experience while he travels abroad for studying, such as, sponsor protection, compassionate visit, etc. Student Travel Insurance Comparison will help you choose the desired policy.

Schengen Travel Insurance Plans »More

Schengen travel insurance plan covers the insured travelling to schengen countries (all European countries except UK). These policies are designed specifically for travelers wandering around any of the Schengen countries.

Family Travel Insurance Comparison »More

Family travel insurance policy covers overseas travel of a family of self and spouse below 60 years of age and 2-3 kids of age 21 to 23 and below, depending upon the insurer. Family Travel Insurance Comparison will help you choose the desired policy.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans »More

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are specially designed for senior citizens of India that are travelling overseas. Citizens of age 71 years and above are eligible for this plan. Single and multi trip options are available & the premiums will vary accordingly.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Comparison »More

Single trip plan covers an individual or a family during an overseas travel for a single trip. The policy will end after the return of insurer to India. Single Trip Travel Insurance Comparison is provided.

MultiTrip Travel Insurance Comparison »More

Multi Trip or Annual multi trip policy covers an insured for multiple trips throughout a year. The trips should be of limited number of days, though. Multi Trip Travel Insurance Comparison will help you choose the desired policy.

High Medical Expenses Coverage Plans »More

These are the high medical expenses coverage plans, plans which have medical expenses coverage of US $ 3,00,000 and above. Since medical coverage is a high priority benefit in a travel insurance policy, this section has been provided.

What Is Travel Insurance?

What is travel insurance? A Travel Insurance is an insurance product which is intended to cover the costs and reduce the risk associated with unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of passport, flight accident and other losses incurred while travelling, either internationally or within one’s own country. There are three basic types of travel insurance policies, Single Trip Travel Insurance, Multi Trip Travel Insurance and Student Travel Insurance. When you have the right travel insurance policy in place to cover you on your trip, you can ensure that your dream vacation turns out to be all you had planned and more. We have created a platform where you can compare travel insurance policies available in India and choose the one that best suits you.

Why do you need Travel Insurance?

So why do you need Travel Insurance? Well, medical treatment can be very expensive in foreign countries. Doctors in some countries may even refuse to treat in the absence of an insurance cover. Some countries have made it mandatory to have a travel insurance policy to enter their country. An insurance policy will reimburse you amount of almost anything that can go wrong during your trip, depending on the plan. Travel insurance in India is regulated by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA).

Travel Insurance Comparison

So how do you know which travel insurance policy is best for you? In order to narrow down to a policy that suits you the best, you will have to make a systematic travel insurance comparison of policies provided by various insurers. We have tried our best to provide you with a plethora of information on a wide range of travel insurance policies to choose from, in a tabular format. We have even categorized secondary travel insurances such as Asia Travel Insurance, Schengen Travel Insurance and Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policies. Here, the travel insurance policies are disintegrated into following sections, policy details, medical benefits, travel benefits, emergency benefits, other expenses and policy cancellation so that it will help you to go through a travel insurance policy in detail and in-depth which will eventually help you make a decision. Travel insurance in India is an umbrella that covers wide range of general insurance companies, all have been covered by us. So go ahead, compare travel insurance policies and have a safe and happy journey!